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Hotline to report noise pollution

By   /   January 16, 2013  /   2 Comments

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is increasing its enforcement against excessive noise through a new 24 hour complaint hotline .

To report a noise nuisance contact the EMA’s noise hotline at 628-0609 or 708-8072.

The EMA also encourages feedback . You can contact them at noisefeedback@ema.co.tt

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  • Published: 1257 days ago on January 16, 2013
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  1. korine ramdyal says:

    just read an article that Easter symbolises JOY & PEACE and thus strive for an inner sense of PEACE and WELL BEING….
    As I write this my television is loud to be able to hear it and my neighbours MUSIC Is GROUNDING OFF my walls of my home,this music has been playing since 1:OO o’clock yesterday afternoon thru the entire Night and still on!! Made calls to Police/m/bella and EMA hotline,no response, Still Tolerating the BOOM BOOM !! from the BAss,NOTHING has been done so the entire day will be listening to PONG PONG PONG!!!from their. Music system again,NO REST!NO PEACE whatsoever.
    every weekend,monday nights,public holidays is the norm…you have to drink Sleeping Pills, use Ear plugs(WHY)I cannot Rest in my own home,I am trying to find somewhere to rent that is quiet and peaceful..Wish me luck,the noise is unbearable:(.The place is the tenant apartments opposite Emmanuelle Plant Shop on southern main road Marabella…
    To sleep

    • Sandra Ragoonanan says:

      Same thing we in Guaico,Sangre Grande go through and if you tell him anything he will curse you and say that is his music and he can play it how loud he wants,same boom,boom thing.Is only here in Trinidad i see this happening in other countrys he would be locked up or fined,but you know how people lawless here they constantly break all our laws and like is no problem

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