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Four friends die in crash


By   4 days ago

  Premnath Ravi John, 25, Ajay Gosein, 23,  Suresh Nanan, 34, and cousin Luke Walters, 23, were all  killed when their Nissan Cube slammed into a concrete wall at Cacandee Road, Felicity, just a short distance from thir home.The accident happened shortly before midnight on Saturday. Villagers heard a loud crash and ran to render assistance [...]

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Roadblock like rain !

happening now-03

By   4 days ago

There have been coming lots of reports of roadblocks into our news room.At least seven have been reported .The Police is out in large  numbers .Some of the roadblocks are in Cocorite,Arouca ,Valencia and some in South.Traffic is backed up on all main access points.

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Mystery skin rash causes panic.160 children affected


By   9 days ago

  Parents paniced as 160 children showed a strange skin rash .The students  are all from the North Oropouche Government Primary School .As the rash was spreading ,parents started taking their children to different medical centres.Students started scratching their neck ,as the rash started and later  showed red bumps on their skin . A medical [...]

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Carnival Cruises coming to Tobago


By   10 days ago

  The world’s largest cruise ship company, Carnival Cruises Lines has added Tobago to its destinations starting next year, 2016. The announcement came as part of a series of new longer voyages the cruise line will be offering. This will mean ten thousand six hundred and forty two Carnival Cruise Line passengers will visit Tobago [...]

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