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Section 71 of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago which establishes the Elections and Boundaries Commission, also mandates its autonomy over the registration of voters and the conduct of elections in every constituency. Additionally, the constitution allows the Commission to exercise their powers in an unfettered manner. Therefore, the decision to extend [...]

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People’s Partnership to File Election Petitions to Declare Elections Held on September 7, 2015 Null and Void

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               Political Leader of the People’s Partnership A decision has been taken to challenge the results of the General Election based on legal advice the People’s Partnership has received. The challenge is based on the sudden decision of the EBC to extend the time for voting from 6pm to [...]

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Trinidad and Tobago has a new PM


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Trinidad and Tobago has a new Prime Minister .Dr Kieth Rowley with his party has won the election .The PNM has won 23 seats of the 41 .The UNC has won 18 seats.Other partiesor indipendants  which participated did not win any seat . In his victory speach Dr Rowley said that the victory is like [...]

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Breaking news:Warning ! Graphic picture :escaped prisoner found murdered.

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  Escaped prisoner Hassan Atwell  has been killed found.Killed.He was killed in Calvary hill ,Laventille .Atwell was one of the three prisoners who made a jail break Friday  .One police officer was killed during the break while one of the prisoners on the run was cornered at the Port of Spain General Hospital when the [...]

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